We bring design to the heart of organisations and their challenges. Helping them move forward and make positive impact.
We do this in 3 ways...

Navigate complexity and change

We consult and design ways forward for organisations and businesses so they can cut through complexity, focus on what's important and where their investment and efforts make a difference.

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Incubate and develop new ideas

We support brave founders and businesses to conceive, launch and build innovative new businesses, products, services and initiatives designed to make positive impact.

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Rethink and evolve how things work

We guide people through fundamental shifts and design them to better places, where they make sense, make connections and make progress.

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How can we help?

We work in a range of ways. From fast, efficient and impactful camps, to structured and focused projects, and in-depth engagement via partnerships. In all formats we work closely and openly to deliver insight, understanding, skills, focus, direction, confidence and momentum as well as defined outputs.

What we do


3-5 guided workshops, helping people move from challenge to impact quickly and efficiently. Building a complete picture, making decisions, clarifying priorities and building focused plans.


4-6 week sessions that help people explore and develop particular opportunities in their business. Providing space and support to pull things apart and rethink, re-imagine, restructure, test and refine.


3-6 month process to help deliver on particular aims or challenges. Providing a structured approach from clarifying aims, to defining ways forward, designing all aspects and launching an impactful offering.


Ongoing partnerships that bring a full range of our value to businesses to help them grow and strengthen. By building business capacity, efficiency and value with better systems, innovations and experiences.

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Part consultancy, part creative lab, part design studio.

Part consultancy, part creative lab, part design studio. This allows us to work quickly, and bridge the gaps between intent, ideas and action. We work as an extension of your team, bringing people together to - Focus on what's important, create what's valuable, build where you can make a difference.

Working together on what's important

We don't bring our bias to your challenge, we help clarify what's important for your business, your people and your progress and we work on that together. We bring objectivity and work collaboratively.

Using design to shape what's valuable

Every aspect of what you do counts to the people who matter, we use design to help shape each element and how they all work together. From business models to brand experiences to operational tools.

Building relevance rather than relics

Things change fast so we focus on helping build relevance and adaptability through actions and interactions, designing elements that help drive that and that always have space to grow and evolve built in.

we are wove

Scott Burnett
Director - Strategic Design


Johnny Kelly
Director - Production


Kevin Horan
Director - Digital


Cat Robertson
Visual and Brand Lead


Jack McDermot
Marketing Strategist


Fiona Ennis
Brand and service experience designer


Shaun Phelan
Digital Design